Gallaga: Relaunch Unlikely

TWC has suspended the metered Internet trials. I just finished posting my take on the issue. Omar Gallaga has been covering this issue closely for the Austin American-Statesman, and he just posted his take. He’s seeing the glass half full (or better): The company didn’t close the door on the possibility of revisiting this kind [...]

Radio Interview Friday on WNIN

I taped a radio interview Wednesday morning with Justin Williams of Plugged In, a weekly radio show that airs on WNIN radio in Evansville, Indiana. “Plugged In” is a weekly technology show on 88.3 FM WNIN. We discuss technology news and topics with a focus on how they affect our daily lives. I asked Justin [...]

Vint Cerf: Cap Inhibits Innovation

Vint Cerf practically invented the Internet. So when Vint professes on Internet issues, you’d best pay heed. Here’s what he told the Greensboro News & Record when they asked him about the TWC  broadband cap proposal: “The cap is a serious issue for Greensboro,” says Vint Cerf, a senior executive at Google who is known [...]

Higginbotham: $24.59 to Watch “Twilight”

A lot of people have been pointing out the absurdity of the TWC plan by providing concrete examples of how much various activities would cost. I’ve been doing that too. In most cases we’ll take the $1/GB cap overage charge and calculate the costs for watching a movie, playing a game, etc. One possible critique [...]

SA Express-News: CenTex Delay Due to Customer Backlash

On April 9, TWC announced that the dates for two Central Texas trials (Austin and San Antonio) would be slipped several months to October. In an article in yesterday’s San Antonio Express News, a TWC spokesperson confirmed that the delay was in response to local backlash from the metered Internet proposal: A trial program intended [...]

BREAKING: Radio Coverage Today

Omar Gallaga, technology culture journalist for the Austin American-Statesman (blog) and the NPR All Things Considered radio show, has just made a blog post saying that the TWC broadband caps will be covered in his radio show segment today. Last night, I sent a short list of questions to Time Warner for a piece airing [...]