Free Press: Spectacular Victory

Earlier last week, we pointed to the action alert posted by “Free Press.” In a mailing to supporters last Friday, “Free Press” called the decision by Time-Warner Cable to suspend metered pricing trials “a spectacular victory”. See their mailing below, after the jump.

Dampier: Not Over

Phillip Dampier is the force behind He was also the guy standing next to Sen. Schumer when it was announced the metered trials were 86ed. Phillip was nice enough to stop by this site earlier today and share his thoughts in the comments: This is NOT over. I thought it might have been over [...]

Austin Chronicle: An 11 on the Stupid Scale

An article in today’s Austin Chronicle says that the Time-Warner Cable plan to meter Internet usage is an attack on its very best customers, and “on the stupid scale, this is an 11.” Kevin Brass homes right in on the fact that the TWC metering plan isn’t really about preserving network capacity, but about business [...]